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Hospitality: 3 Simple Steps to Customer Satisfaction Post-Pandemic

Hospitality: 3 Simple Steps to Customer Satisfaction in 2023

With more than 47 million people in the UK receiving at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine,* confidence in returning to ‘normality’ has increased, with 53% of UK holiday and leisure bookings now being made for 2023.± While this means that uptake for the remainder of 2022 is only tiny, people are making enquiries and bookings in large numbers for next season.

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The UX-Digital Quick Wins for Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

The C-word… Our Quick Wins Post Pandemic

The C-word… it’s affected all of us worldwide in one way or another, personally and professionally, no industry has been left untouched. 

With such fast-paced changes across every industry, worldwide, you may be asking yourself “what’s the best course of action for marketing my business going forwards?”

If you’re among those asking the question, don’t worry you’re certainly not alone! We’re here to help with some quick wins across your marketing. After reading this, you’ll be able to make valuable adjustments that’ll help you adapt your marketing strategy for continued marketing success in the post-pandemic world.

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7 Digital Marketing Trends to Consider in Your Next Marketing Budget

7 Digital Marketing Trends to Consider in Your Next Marketing Budget

The last two years have been a challenging time for all businesses and that has necessitated cuts to most budgets particularly marketing.

According to Gartner's Annual CMO marketing budget report, marketing budgets decreased by 6.4% during 2020, that's the biggest decline in the survey's history.

72% of marketing budgets are now spent on pure digital channels and that is likely to continue increasing as traditional bricks and mortar business models keep declining and consumers continue to engage with social media platforms and opt for online products and services. 

With so many marketing trends emerging as a result of the Pandemic and budgets being cut across all industries it’s more important than ever to make sure you're using your budget effectively. Take a look at our top 7 digital marketing trends to make the most of your marketing budget post-pandemic.

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Getting Back To Work After Covid-19

Getting Back To Work After Covid 19

The coronavirus outbreak has meant an unexpected turn of events for us all, and where some industries and businesses are booming, the reality is most have had to put a pin in their operations and even close altogether until things start to look more stable. Nearly 3 months into lockdown restrictions and we are seeing small, cautious steps back to normality...

The good news is the storm will pass, but the world will be a different place. With that in mind, read on to find out how to make sure you’re ready to come back strong by being aware of the right resources and strategies that will help you 're-open' in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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Covid-19 Pandemic: What happens next?

After two months in lockdown we’re seeing a slight easing of lockdown restrictions, as we take cautious steps back to something resembling normality. Traffic on roads is steadily increasing and people (who can’t work from home) are allowed to go back to work meaning business is slowly starting up again. But what exactly will “normality” look like for marketing and sales post-pandemic?

In this blog we will explore what’s been going on since the COVID-19 pandemic began and how it’s likely to affect sales and marketing in the future...

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Marketing during Covid-19 Pandemic, What you need to know!

Marketing During Covid-19 Pandemic, What You Need to Know!

With major lifestyle changes the likes of which haven't seen since World War II, we have all been left with a lot of unanswered questions, and those questions extend to our businesses and marketing departments too - do we pause, do more, do less, focus our efforts elsewhere? 

If you’re feeling unsure about where to go with your marketing efforts right now, don’t panic. Here are 7 key tips for marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic to help you navigate your way through these challenging times.

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UX-Digital: Life in Lockdown

Since the 24th March 2020, the country, and many other parts of the world have been in lockdown in order to combat the virus known as COVID-19. Simply put, the lockdown means only necessary travel for essentials like food and medicine, as well as exercise (once a day) should be undertaken for the foreseeable future.

So in these difficult times read on to see what the UX-Digital team recommend for keeping busy and, bonus see some of the things we have been getting up to! 

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