The C-word… Our Quick Wins Post Pandemic

The UX-Digital Quick Wins for Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

The C-word… it’s affected all of us worldwide in one way or another, personally and professionally, no industry has been left untouched. 

With such fast-paced changes across every industry, worldwide, you may be asking yourself “what’s the best course of action for marketing my business going forwards?”

If you’re among those asking the question, don’t worry you’re certainly not alone! We’re here to help with some quick wins across your marketing. After reading this, you’ll be able to make valuable adjustments that’ll help you adapt your marketing strategy for continued marketing success in the post-pandemic world.

Whats Next?


The [C] Word...

Contextual Marketing 

This should go without saying, but it's vital within today’s marketing climate so it’s worth stressing. Ensuring you’re being considerate with your marketing communications is a must in a rapidly changing world.

The pandemic is something we have experienced together as a worldwide community, and with everyone having a voice online, inconsiderate messaging can mean damaging your business reputation.

All businesses have a unique opportunity to make a fantastic second impression on their customers. Those customers are watching closely to see how businesses react to the reopening of the World so making a good impression now can wipe out any previous negatives. 

Contextual Marketing

Astute businesses are aware of this and are adapting key messages to ensure they’re up to date with current trends and influences within their respective markets. We’ve listed some quick wins to help get you started and ensure you’re being contextual and considerate below:

  • Check your promotional imagery and remove anything showing social gatherings.
  • Consider your language more carefully, making sure words like “killer deals” “viral” and “gather” don’t find their way into your communications.
  • Ease up on the urgency, sales terms like“act now before it’s gone” and “don’t miss out” are less effective and should be avoided right now.
  • Emphasise, safety is a priority for many people at the moment so emphasising what your business is doing to keep staff and customers safe will demonstrate that your business prioritises people.

Imagery and the language used in your messaging is powerful and creates associations, good or bad. Reviewing your key marketing messages and making sure they resonate positively with your audience is all-important.

  • Double-check pre-scheduled campaigns, imagine you were receiving that communication. What would be your immediate response? 
  • Get the team involved, your teams’ input and expertise is especially handy here as they might spot a message that flies under your radar, be sure to include everyone in the review process.

Positive Marketing Messaging

Punk Hand Sanitiser by BrewDog


During the pandemic, when hand sanitiser was scarce, BrewDog lent a hand by giving away their aptly named 'Punk Sanitiser' to local charities. This demonstrated their sense of social responsibility, being part of their community, and their ability to adapt to the changing times. 

Lockdowns and social distancing guidelines are now lifted but no one knows what is coming this winter and there is still a sense of uncertainty surrounding the future.

With that in mind, among the best marketing practices currently is sharing and spreading correct information and positivity which demonstrates a commitment to customers. 

In a time where the news seems inordinately negative, it’s more important than ever to provide your audience with a positive break from the bleakness. 

Pret a Manger Key Workers Campaign, Supporting the NHS

           An example of positive message marketing from Pret a Manger

Take Pret a Manger as an example. They have been issuing NHS workers free hot drinks and 50% off all purchases. It’s a way of spreading a positive message during trying times, It shows appreciation to key workers who have been working hard to keep us safe.

With that in mind, what business services do you have/can you offer to key workers or members of your community that can help spread a message that’s uplifting?

Generating inspirational or uplifting messages doesn’t have to mean giving your product or service away. Sometimes it can mean making someone smile through your social media channels or sharing positive and helpful content. 

Doing so can even be totally unrelated to the pandemic, as time goes on we are experiencing fatigue with all the pandemic-related messaging so instead focus on making your audience feel good through your content.

Improve Online Services 

Increase online services - video conferencing

It can be challenging to attract new business when trade shows and events are still limited or uncertain. So instead many businesses are still focusing their efforts on the development and improvement of their online services. 

  • Discuss how your business services can be adapted to customers’ changing needs.
Who knows, you could possibly discover new ways to generate revenue you hadn’t previously thought of.  

Church House Westminster

Church House Westminster

Take, for example, Church House Westminster- a stunning venue typically available for hire. The venue has adapted, establishing virtual online events for anywhere up to 10,000 people. An excellent demonstration of innovation amid the current business climate!

Expand Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have seen huge spikes in members and activity, with similar results on Twitter and Youtube’s live event features.

Meeting your customers where they are is a fantastic way to keep in touch and keep your business fresh in customers' minds. Ensure you’re always working towards sustaining and building new relationships.

  • Extend your social reach, that social media channel you were considering adding to your social media strategy but hadn’t quite got round to setting up yet? Well, what better time to start than when social media usage is at its peak?!

Improve SEO 

SEO Optimisation

Now is a good time to review all your content, update, republish, add new links, request backlinks, invite guest contributors and adapt your content strategy. These are all excellent ways to refresh your content, keep on-trend and improve your SEO. Relevant, up to date and quality content is what Google is looking for!

Marketers and businesses are prioritising SEO efforts to increase their reach online.

  •  Dive into SEO, daytime internet usage has more than doubled since the pandemic began. That means increased potential to generate traffic for your website.
  • Stand out from the crowd, you can bet your competitors are increasing their SEO efforts, take a look at what they are doing and others within your industry, don't get left behind!

Website Revamp

Revamp your website

Improving your SEO means more traffic to your website but is that website generating leads and sales?

  • Are marketing messages and calls to action relevant and clear?
  • Does it reflect your brand today?
  • Are all your products and services available online?

In a world that wants instant gratification, it makes sense to update your website, expand functionality and improve the user experience. 

In Summary

After reading this, it should be clear that the best approach to marketing today is adaptability. Reviewing existing content and always keeping up-to-date and relevant should be the focus going forward. We all know that things can change in a moment and businesses that are flexible and ready to change will succeed!

Take creative steps towards your customers and meet them when they want and where they want.

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