Is Your Online Store Optimised For Conversion? A Handy Checklist...

Is Your Online Store Optimised For Conversion? A Handy Checklist...

There are a number of factors that can negatively impact your eCommerce conversion rates, your store traffic could be high but potential customers are abandoning their carts before checkout or you're struggling to increase traffic and it's keeping your conversion rates low.

The majority of eCommerce traffic comes from organic searches so SEO plays a big part but there a number of other areas you might not have even considered that are affecting your search engine rankings from poor product descriptions to your payment gateway. 

And if traffic isn't your problem then maybe you need to consider your user experience, how easy is the checkout process? Maybe your website is loading slowly or your customer support is unclear. 

Whatever the reason your conversions are a bit thin on the ground a checklist offers a great starting point to help identify weaker areas and make some quick win improvements.

If you don't have time to take a look now or would like a version of this checklist to print out download your very own copy here.

In unpredictable and fast-changing times like these, eCommerce offers a lot of businesses a more stable and much less costly revenue stream than traditional bricks and mortar, and that is true for both big enterprises and SME's. That's where UX-Digital can help, we are a flexible and down-to-earth agency with the capacity to support both small and large businesses on monthly retainers or one-off projects.

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Is your online store optimised for conversion? A Handy Checklist


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