Working from home? 5 Reasons HubSpot is the Ultimate Remote Work Tool

Working from home? 5 Reasons HubSpot is the Ultimate Remote Work Tool

With the lockdown coming into effect so quickly, you might have felt like your business is 'winging it' and not fully prepared for the shift too remote working. 

The HubSpot CRM platform is the ultimate remote working platform your business needs! Find out how HubSpot keeps your teams connected, maintains productivity, optimises processes, tracks engagement, automates lead nurturing and secures your data (yes it really can do all that and so much more!) 

What is a CRM?

What is a CRM?

Some of you, particularly marketeers will know this already (feel free to skip ahead!) but for those of you who don't, a quick sum up...

A CRM is a system for managing relationships with your customers. That said, your most important and valuable asset is likely your customers. As your customers grow, it quickly becomes necessary to have a central place of communication and data storage.

If your team aren't on the same page, they’ll be slowed down by questions they don't know the answers too, questions like...

  • Who are our customers?
  • How do we get in touch with them?
  • How do they interact with our content?
  • What does our pipeline of new business look like?

When your team can’t answer questions like these quickly and easily, it can affect the credibility of your business and your prospects and customers will definitely notice!

Reading From the Same Page 

You’ve probably heard the term "inbound" before - It’s a helpful and human approach to growing your business through attracting, engaging, and delighting leads in a way that provides value and builds trust. 

You’ve probably heard the term "inbound" before - It’s a helpful and human approach to growing your business through attracting, engaging, and delighting leads in a way that provides value and builds trust. 

Establishing those things is difficult when departments have siloed agendas. It can lead to internal friction and competition, not exactly the company culture dream!

HubSpot's CRM is an all-in-one platform, so everyone within your organisation from Marketing to Sales, Services & IT is working in the same system simultaneously- a lifesaver! Especially when you’re not even sharing an office at the moment.

Real Time Notifications For Seamless Updates

Real Time Notifications For Seamless Updates

It’s important you have a consistent experience for people when they come into contact with your business. From their perspective, they’re dealing with one entity, and fewer things are more frustrating than telling the same story from the start to another representative within the same business. 

Hubspot’s standout advantage as a CRM is its real time notification system that easily crosses department lines to keep everyone informed. No longer does Jackie in marketing have to send an email to Tom in sales about a prospect who’s completed an online enquiry form. 

With Hubspot’s notification system, Tom gets the message in real time at the exact same time as Jackie.

With other systems and processes Jackie would have needed to take time to write notes or an email or even track Tom down at his desk to keep him in the loop. In a remote working situation this is simply not a productive use of time!

Build Your Webpages & Blog in the HubSpot CMS

While theres more time to focus on your companies online presence you’ve likely upped your SEO efforts and are looking to update your website. After all, it makes sense when your customers can’t just pop in and see you, right? 

eCommerce has enjoyed a massive boom during the pandemic and is set to continue to increase as we embrace online shopping like never before. If you sell a product or service its likely your website (if it isn't already) is going to become your main source of sales. 

One of our favourite Hubspot features is the new CMS (content management system) allowing you to host and build your website directly in HubSpot. This is fantastic news for home working giving you the freedom to create new webpages, change existing pages, publish blogs and create fantastic landing pages all from the comfort of your sofa!

create new webpages, change existing pages, publish blogs and create fantastic landing pages all from the comfort of your sofa!

Best of all, the platforms’ templates and drag and drop functionality mean you don’t need to be able to read The Matrix to create great digital content or make changes, you can even make sure your website is fully optimised and mobile responsive with the handy preview window and optimisation report located in the page editor. Discover HubSpot's new CMS packages here.

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So this means that Julie the Graphic Designer can continue to create amazing content for blogs, webpages, landing pages and emails, publish them and share files with other team members from the safety of her sofa...phew!

The drag and drop interface of the CMS means that any creatives, not just developers, can work autonomously on web page content from start to finish thereby maximising productivity and encouraging the collaborative attitude of “all hands on deck” required during these challenging times. 

HubSpot Security

HubSpot Security

It’s sad, but important to acknowledge hacking attempts have increased by up to 40% in some areas during the pandemic. Hackers are exploiting the mass office-to-home work migrations, with opportunistic phishing emails and attempted website break-ins.

On that, Wordpress can be a great platform to host and build websites. However, it’s an Open Source platform that relies heavily on plugins and themes for customisation. Simply put, developers worldwide can provide input to improve Wordpress’ service with updates. Sadly, that extends to would-be hackers that disguise malicious software as plugins and updates too.

Wordpress’ security relies heavily on keeping your website and all associated plugins up to date or you are running the risk of being hacked.

HubSpot's CMS is backed by an enterprise-grade Content Delivery Network (CDN) and firewall to ensure your website is consistently fast and secure from potential threats. Migrating your website to the HubSpot's CMS means your website content is hosted within HubSpot itself, and, as a result, automatically backed by their security, and uptime guarantees.

The best part is, it never has to be manually updated to retain its performance or security and this all means you can access your website from anywhere with the same security guarantees in place!

The Power of HubSpot's Resources & Tools

The Power of HubSpot's Resources & Tools

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that most businesses prioritise leads and conversions. After all, they result in revenue generation and thats ultimately how a business grows. 

Hubspot offers a wealth of resources to help nurture your leads and generate sales. From ready to go resources like infographics and landing page templates, to email campaigns, workflows and real-time engagement notifications.

The phrase “knowledge is power” is a popular one and for good reason!

The remote access HubSpot provides to a vast wealth of resources, information, tools and automation allows your teams to improve their skills, find what they need, when they need it, optimise processes, manage marketing and sales, track engagement and communicate directly with leads and customers, all in one secure online platform. Build brand awareness and credibility, as well as increase your conversion rates through constant engagement and nurturing of contacts and customers. 

Team Development

  • HubSpot Academy - A fantastic learning resource for your teams to improve their marketing and sales skills all in one place!
  • Certifications - Your teams can gain HubSpot certifications through courses and exams that not only improve their skills with the HubSpot platform but demonstrates their expertise to the World. pArticularly useful if your business is a HubSpot Partner.
  • Courses - The HubSpot Academy includes quick courses without examinations that are great to squeeze in when your teams schedule is quite busy or to refine and expand their existing skills.
  • My Team - The my team tab lets your teams see the progress of their team mates which is great for morale support and a little healthy competition.

Marketing Tools

  • Workflows - Automate lead nurturing and email campaigns using HubSpots fantastic workflow sequences
  • Chatflows - Create chatbots to deal with general customer enquiries 24/7
  • Email Campaigns - Create and send fantastic branded emails to your contacts and segmented contact lists. 
  • Lead Capture - Create CTA's and forms for your website (even embed them into your non HubSpot website) these fantastic lead capture tools track views, clicks and sources for vital data on lead engagement. 
  • Planning & Strategy - Teams can update and sync calendars, manage marketing campaigns, check SEO recommendations and plan tasks using the projects page creating new project lists or utilising existing lists to achieve goals. 

HubSpots chatflows, workflows and email campaigns give your business the ability to reach out to leads shortly after they’ve engaged with your business and that is a powerful thing, a classic case of “striking while the iron’s hot”. 

When you’re busy creating amazing content from your home office or you’ve got your hands full with SEO, having a HubSpot workflow that responds to lead engagements and behaviours instantly comes in very handy and gives the impression your business has its finger on the pulse at all times!

Sales Tools

  • Deals - Manage in progress deals, leave colleagues notes, update contact details and deal status. Keep on top of your pipeline easily with this fantastic tool.
  • Tasks - Create tasks for individual team members so individuals and managers can track progress and set up notifications to keep on track.
  • Documents - Share Sales documents quickly and easily to increase conversions.
  • Meetings - Create meeting windows for different lead or customer interactions that can be embedded into your web pages.

These are just a few of the fantastic tools and features HubSpot has available and with remote working a key requirement for many businesses its a huge relief to know your teams can access all of this and more from anywhere with the only requirement a standard wi fi connection.

Finding the Right Tool

As with most businesses across the nation, (if not the globe) it’s natural for your business’ operations and objectives to change given the huge shift we’re currently facing within the world of business and in our personal lives. 

Within that, keeping your team connected, and maintaining relationships between you and your customers should be at the forefront of your priorities. 

What better way to do that, than in a way that’s human and helpful for customers but easy and quick for your remote teams. 

Give Hubspot a try for yourself and see how much it can enhance your remote teams!

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