What is Sales Enablement? Infographic

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Find out what sales enablement is, why it's so important and how it can put your sales team back on the right course...

Sales enablement is the implementation of strategies, tools & processes to continuously improve the efficiency & effectiveness of your sales activities.

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Adopting sales enablement can be the difference between sinking or swimming when it comes to closing deals. In our definition we identify the overarching goal of sales enablement as the improvement of efficiency & effectiveness across all sales activities but what does this mean?

Sales enablement should help you identify the fastest and most streamlined sales processes that also have the best ROI thereby improving efficiency.

Sales enablement should help you identify the sales tasks & content with the biggest impact on customers purchase decisions thereby improving the effectiveness of your sales activities.

The most important points to remember when considering sales enablement are...

  • Sales enablement is NEVER done! By definition it is the continuous striving for improvement using the best tools, training, metrics and so on, as possible. 
  • Sales enablement does NOT only include sales teams. Success relies on alignment between Marketing and Sales as your marketing team will be producing sales content and therefore marketing has a direct impact on the effectiveness of sales content.
  • Without sales enablement sales reps spend more time searching for up to date and relevant content than they do closing sales.

40%of sales reps time is spent creating content.

  • With sales enablement marketers can use real world data to produce the exact content sales need to close more deals!

94% of sales reps say the best content for closing sales is user generated.

  • Without sales enablement sales reps will waste a lot of time trying to use multiple platforms to access & customise content.

46% of companies have multiple sales portals that hinder access to content.

  • With sales enablement, strategies, tactics & goals are aligned between sales & marketing teams.

ONLY 8% of B2B companies have achieved alignment across sales & marketing.

  • Without sales enablement, content is scattered across multiple platforms causing inconsistent & slow execution.

56% of companies have no idea if their content is effective!

What is Sales Enablement? Infographic by UX-Digital

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