Blogging, The Key To Getting More Customers?


Do you want more traffic, leads, and sales?

There are 4 things you want to be doing to grow your business:

1) Attracting more traffic to your website

2) Converting more traffic into leads

3) Converting more leads into customers

4) Measuring & analysing each step for continuous improvement

It sounds simple but fail to do any one stage correctly and you will hold back your growth.

The foundation of these four things begins with creating valuable content to publish on your website. Get it right and it gives you a solid foundation to expand from.


Attracting more Traffic to your website.

One key thing to think about is not just getting more traffic but more traffic that is genuinely interested.

You do this by finding out what problems your key demographics are searching for and building content around those issues to attract them to your site with solutions or advice.

By doing this, you build trust, reputation and authority for your brand. Do this at an early stage and you can shape brand preference and shape future purchases.

'A strong piece of content offers many immediate and long-term benefits. It brings attention to your company when launched and will continue to resource your clients as long as it stays on your site. As the content gains more exposure, it can then become an ongoing source of inbound traffic via search engine optimisation (SEO), social shares and word of mouth.' - Marketo

Having valuable content increases site traffic, increases specific pages views and decreases bounce rates.

Your Blog Will Boost Your Organic SEO

By optimising blogs with SEO, you can boost your presence in organic search engine results. This is where the majority of people go for information. But if you have no original content, your website isn't going to score in search engines.

By also including internal links you can keep people on your site for much longer (something your ranking accounts for). But annoy people with content that is different to what your advertising or push your product too hard and you're likely to scare them off.

Leads are doing research on the internet for your product, so show up where they are looking by making sure content is consistently relevant for your audience.

Without content, people aren't going to find your website.

It's the foundation on which the other stages rely. With valuable content people become leads and at the right time can be passed to the sales team to convert them into customers.

Once you have some success, you can measure and analyse what is driving that and continue forward with that strategy. For example, if the most popular blogs are shorter, you can then optimise your content to fill this requirement.

Blogs are the best way to generate qualified leads. If your sales team is connecting with genuinely interested people, it gives them a better opportunity to convert them into customers. Is your team frustrated having to do cold calling?

Why doesn't every business blog?

The main reason companies don't utilise this revenue stream is because it takes time to publish quality content. Or they started out but weren't seeing any return from it.

That's because starting out is the hardest part, especially for those trying to also manage a business. It takes time and commitment to build up your search rankings and website traffic. But when you consistently publish quality blog posts and optimise them for searches, you'll reap the rewards in the form of traffic and leads long-term.

So you can see why blogging is such an important part of inbound marketing. However, it can't be the only component you use - it has to work in partnership with other factors:

“Inbound marketing can’t be segmented into separate categories, with each section holding independent power. While we rely on SEO to draw in visitors from organic search, that SEO doesn’t work if there’s no content. Without social media, blogs don’t reach new, interested people.” Bill Faeth (@bfaeth), CEO, Inbound Marketing Agents

Here at UX-Digital, this is something we specialise in. We take care of the entire inbound campaign, leaving you free to focus on your business. If you would like more information about how we can help grow your business get in touch.

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